Directions: A word (all in capital) along with four options is given below. You need to choose the appropriate antonyms for the given word among the below choices.

1. Antonyms for FLOURISH is –

  1. Thrive
  2. Prosper
  3. Languish
  4. Proliferate
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MEMORY: Grow or develop something in a healthy or vigorous way.

2. Antonyms for FLATTER is –

  1. Admire
  2. Ignore
  3. Compliment
  4. Blarney
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MEMORY: Make someone feels important or attractive or to praise someone in order to pleased him/her.

3. Antonyms for CONCEAL is –

  1. Obscure
  2. Disguise
  3. Reveal
  4. Hidden
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MEMORY: Conceal means keep something hidden from others.

4. Antonyms for CONVENTIONAL is –

  1. Traditional
  2. Exotic
  3. Standard
  4. Common
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MEMORY: Conventional means, something done based on or in accordance with general believed.

5. Antonyms for CUMBERSOME is –

  1. Unwieldy
  2. Awkward
  3. Clumsy
  4. Helpful
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MEMORY: Cumbersome means, large or heavy and therefore difficult to cary or use.

6. Antonyms for DISCREPANCY is –

  1. Inconsistency
  2. Variance
  3. Harmony
  4. Divergence
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MEMORY: Discrepancy means lack of compatibility or similarity between two or more facts.

7. Antonyms for ENIGMATIC is –

  1. Mysterious
  2. Puzzling
  3. Baffling
  4. Explicit
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MEMORY: Enigmatic means difficult to interpret or understand.

8. Antonyms for INTERMITTENT is –

  1. Frequent
  2. Irregular
  3. Sporadic
  4. Broken
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MEMORY: Intermittent means, occurring at irregular interval .

9. Antonyms for REVOKE is –

  1. Repeal
  2. Abrogate
  3. Maintain
  4. Nullify
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MEMORY: Revoke means, to take back or withdraw something.

10. Antonyms for STUBBORN is –

  1. Obstinate
  2. Mulish
  3. Courteous
  4. Persistent
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MEMORY: Stubborn means, having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude.

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