11 ways to protect your identity from cybercrime.

Whether you’re at home, on the road, online or out of the country, cybersecurity threats can follow you. We know how detrimental these crimes can be. And how much they can cost an individual or business (think: thousands of dollars in lost money, time and productivity). That’s why Frankenmuth Insurance is proud to partner with CyberScout®, one of the top cybersecurity providers in the country.

Together with their team, we offer FREE benefits to all customers with a home or auto policy at this time (as well as Frankenmuth Insurance employees and agency partners, their staff and families). We also offer one year of free fraud monitoring services for identity theft victims. It’s just one more way we try to provide peace of mind for our customers.

Frankenmuth Insurance and CyberScout can help you proactively manage your identity or resolve identity theft in the event of:

  1. Name change – We can help you change your name safely after marriage, divorce or a separation.
  2. Travel fraud – We’ll help you get a new license, passport or visa if it’s lost or stolen while you’re traveling.
  3. Theft – Let’s say your computer, phone, laptop or tablet is stolen. We’ll step in to help keep your information secure.
  4. Active duty – Our experts can set up military fraud alerts for individuals on active duty and notify them of unusual account activity.
  5. Lost or stolen documents – Should you need to replace documents, we’re here to help – and to contact necessary government agencies.
  6. Email hack – We have the technology to spot and stop fraudulent email attacks.
  7. Data breach – We’ll protect you if a company is hacked and your personal information is exposed.
  8. Death – Stop someone from misusing your loved one’s identity and information after death.
  9. False crime accusation – Don’t let someone committing a crime under your name ruin your identity. We’ll work with government agencies to reestablish your financial security.
  10. Compromised financial accounts – If someone gains access to your checking, savings or credit card account, we’ll help you regain control and stability.
  11. Falsified tax returns or stolen refunds – Keep your identifying information safe in the event of tax identity theft.

Take steps to protect yourself, your finances and your loved ones from cybercrime. Talk to an agent about our customer benefits like identity theft protection.

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